Use Aroma File Manager to Pattern Unlock & Remove Password

Aroma File Manager is one the best recovery file manager apps for all android users. Sometimes we forget our mobile pattern lock, that time we need to recover the mobile. But unfortunately, we lost all of the data files from the device when we recover the device. But Aroma File Manager can provide extra benefits for backup you all date, & you can unlock your device without losing any data.

So if you want to download the Aroma file manager then this post will help you. Also in this post, we wanna going to share about How to Use Aroma File Manager to Remove Passwords. So please read the whole article.

Aroma file manager app

In the present world, the android operating system is the most popular OS. Maximum users are used Android OS. Android is an open-source platform, so we can use here many applications. Today we will know about one of the best Android applications. The Aroma file Manager is the most beautiful software for android users. You can easily copy, cut, move, and delete your data for your device. Aroma is working very fast process, so you can complete your work with is apps. If you want to download these apps & want to know how to use Aroma File Manager, then please read the whole article.

Download Aroma File Manager

In this section, we will share the tips about how to download aroma file manager on your android device. We notice that many people search for aroma file manager zip. So we provide here the download for you. Just go to the download page & click the download option. Please check the below section for the collect Download link.

Version Size Download
v1.90 1.05 MB Download
v1.80 1.43 MB Download
v1.50 1.21 MB Download
v1.21 1.32 MB Download
v1.20 1.32 MB Download
v1.01 1.32 MB Download
v1.00-2 1.32 MB Download
v1.00-1 1.32 MB Download

How to Use Aroma File Manager to Remove Password

After a successful download of Aroma, then you can use it. Please follow the below steps for How to Use Aroma File Manager.

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  • Copy the zip file manager into your sdcard
  • Reboot your device into recovery mode
  • Choose install from sd card
  • Select the AROMA Filemanager ZIP

Now go to Menu -> Settings -> Automount all devices on startup.

Exit the aroma file manager.

Flash it again

Now find the file named ‘gesture.key’ located in data/system
It might be in sd-ext/system/ also. So try that folder too.

Delete that file and reboot your phone

When your phone boots, you can see it is again asking for lock pattern.

Just draw any pattern, and it will open.

Then you can go to settings -> security to set a new pattern lock.

Aroma File Manager Pattern Unlock

  • Open your AROMA file manager app.
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Pattern Unlock”
  • Select “Unlock Pattern”
  • You will see a dialog box asking if to proceed or not.
  • Click yes


Thanks for reading this post. We hope that you could know about How to Use Aroma File Manager to Remove Passwords. We try to provide all the methods in the post. So if you don’t understand anything then please let us in the below comments box. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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