How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode in Windows 7,8,10 Easily

Chrome is one of the most popular internet web browsers by Google.It is the most useable browser, many people like to use the Google Chrome browser for their daily work. Is it personal work or office work? Basically, most of the people use Chrome general mode, but some of the users want to use Chrome dark Mode. Some users can enable chrome dark mode, but a little user doesn’t know about How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode in Windows operating system.

So this post is the most important for those people who use the Google Chrome browser & who want to use the dark mode.

How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode

If you want to enable dark mode on your google chrome browser, then you must follow the below process accordingly. Here we will share with you about how to enable your Windows 10 chrome browser in dark mode. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser
  2. Then go to
  3. Here you see a search box.
  4. Type here “dark mode” & press Enter.
  5. Then add the “Dark Theme for Chrome” extension on your browser.
  6. Then enable the extension
  7. And enjoy the dark mode.

Disable Chrome Dark Mode

If you are used to Chrome dark mode, but recently you want to remove dark mode from your chrome browser, then you can remove the dark mode. Please check the below checkpoint for know about how to disable Google Chrome Dark Mode.

  1. Go to your chrome extension list
  2. Then find out the “Dark Theme for Chrome”
  3. Then remove it


Thank for reading this post. We hope that you could find the info about How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode in Windows 7,8,10 Easily. Please share the post, if you face any problems when enabling or disabling dark mode on google chrome, then please let us know in the below comments box.


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