Free Fire all Update Servers list 2022 – Find the Best Free Fire Server Now

Hello dear friends, have a good day. We hope that you are a Free Fire player, that’s why you come here. In this post, we wanna going to share with you about all the most popular online games Free Fire all Server List 2022. We also provide the most valuable information about the free fire best server links. So if you are interested to know about Free Fire all Server, then please read this whole article carefully.

Free fire is one of the most popular online mobile games in the world. Free fire players are increasing day by day. So many players want to know the latest free fire server name. But we also share with you all the latest free fire server names & links also. If you want then you can join the new free fire server. If you don’t know how to change the region in free fire, then check the post.

Garena Free Fire all Server List 2022 [Updated]

At present only 13 free fire servers are available for all the worldwide free fire players. If you are interested to know these 13 free fire server names, then check the below list. Here is the best & most popular free server list for you. recently free fire also includes Bangladesh free fire game server for Bangladeshi people. So please check the link & join the Bangladeshi server as soon as possible.

Many People has a question why not free fire makes a just only single server. Because for a huge player, the free fire server would be going down. So free fire makes a different server for a better gaming experience, which is always lag-free. also, all Free fire servers of every Country are located In their own Capital city.

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  • Free Fire India Server. (Most Powerful Server)
  • Free Fire Europe Server.
  • Free Fire Malaysia Server.
  • Free Fire Thailand Server.
  • Free Fire Middle East Server (MENA).
  • Free Fire Russia Server.
  • Free Fire Indonesia Server.
  • Free Fire Brazil Server. (The Biggest Server)
  • Free Fire Taiwan Server (Free Fire – 我要活下去)
  • Free Fire Mexico Server (Free Fire – LATAM).
  • Free Fire Vietnam Server.
  • Free Fire Pakistan Server.
  • Free Fire Bangladesh Server. (New)

Garena free fire Indonesia Server

The Indonesia Server is the most popular server in the free fire. There is a total of 10 Million + active players on the free-fire Indonesian server. So you can easily play this server. Also, this server has more than 3.7 million Youtube Subscribers

Brazil Server

The biggest server of free fire is Brazil Server. This server has a total of 50 Million + active players on the free-fire Brazil server. Also, this server has more than 8 mililion+ youtube Subscribers.

Singapore Server

Garena free fire Singapore Server has a total of 1 Million + active players. But there are no active youtube channels on this server. Because most Singaporean watch the Tamil language youtube videos.

India server

The most powerful server of free fire is the Indian Server. There is a total of 25 Million + active players on this server. The official Youtube channel Of Garena free fire India Has More Than 4 Million+ Subscribers.

LATAM server

There is a total of 25 Million + active players in the free-fire LATAM server.

Thailand Server

Garena free fire Thailand Server There is a total of 9 Million + active players in the Garena free fire Thailand server. Also, this server has a total 3 million+ youtube subscriber

Hiroshima Server

Garena free fire Hiroshima Server There are More than 7 Million+ active players in the Garena free fire Hiroshima server & this server has 3 Million + Subscribers.

Vietnam server

The Vietnam server has a total 4 million+ youtube subscribers & there are more than 10 Million+ active players in the Garena free fire Vietnam server.

Last Update free fire Server List

Do you want the most latest free fire server list? if yes, then you could find here the recently available update server name. Every free fire player wants to gets connected to the nearest server to their country to avoid any lag or high ping issue. Please check the below server list & get your nearest server.

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How to Change Region in free fire

Most of the free-fire players face many problems when they want to change the region on the free-fire server. So many players search on google about How to Change Region in the free fire. So if you are the same person, then this post could help a lot about your query. Please follow the instruction if you want to change the free fire server.

  • First of all Download a VPN of your choice from the Play Store.
  • Then Go to your device settings and clear the free fire app data.
  • Now Use the VPN to change your location to your desired region/server.
  • That’s it, now enjoy your choice server.
Free Fire Server
Free Fire Server

All server official Youtube Channel Link

In the below list for your kind information, we include all the free fire server official youtube channel links. You must follow the youtube channel if you want a pro player of free fire. In these channels, you will the most latest updated info about the free fire server. So please follow the youtube channel link. Besides the Garena free fire has a total of 6.25 million subscribers on youtube.

  1. Free Fire India Official– Youtube link
  2. Garena Free Fire Thailand– Youtube link
  3. Free Fire Brazil– Youtube link
  4. Free Fire MENA Server Country List– Youtube link
  5. Free Fire Mexico (Free Fire – LATAM)– Youtube link
  6. Free Fire Taiwan (Free Fire – 我要活下去)– Youtube link
  7. Free Fire Russia– Youtube link
  8. Free Fire Europe Server Country List – Youtube link
  9. Garena Free Fire Indonesia– Youtube link
  10. Free Fire Malaysia Official– Youtube link
  11. Garena Free Fire Vietnam– Youtube link
  12. Garena Free Fire Pakistan- Youtube link
  13. Free Fire Bangladesh Server Country List- YouTube link

Free Fire best server list

At present free fire has total 13 servers, but most of the server is not good for playing. So free fire player search for which is the Free Fire best server? So in this section, we discuss about the most popular & best free fire server. Please find the below content for know about this query

  • Indian Free Fire Server is most popular for its Price & events.
  • If you need early updates then you can choose Brazil Server
  • Free Fire Indonesia server is the best for bundles and offers.
  • For free Diamonds, Thailand and Vietnam server is the most & most popular
  • Now Bangladeshi Server is most Popular for BD player

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Common FAQ against Garena free fire.

Question.1 How many servers are in Free Fire?

Answer: The total Free Fire servers are 13 and the new server in Bangladesh.

Question. 2 Who is No 1 in Free Fire?

Answer: at present TSG Jash is the best free-fire player in the world.

Question. 3 How many countries have Free Fire with Mena servers?

Answer: At present total 21 countries have Free Fire with Mena servers

Question. 4 Which Free Fire server is best?
Answer: Indian Server

Question.5 Which Is the Best Free Fire Server for Free Diamonds?

Answer: The best free fire server for a free diamond is Thailand and Vietnam.

Question.6 Which Is the Best Free Fire Server For Bundles & Offers?

Answer: the Best Free Fire Server For Bundles & Offers is an Indonesian Server.

Question.7 Which Is Value for the Price-Free Fire Server?

Answer: Indian Server is very more for value for the price.

Question.8 Which Is the Best Free Fire Server For Latest Events?

Answer: The Best Free Fire Server For Latest Events is Brazil Server.

Question.9 What Free Fire 2022 server gives free diamonds

Answer: Thailand Server


Thanks for reading the full post. We are trying to provide the necessary info about Free Fire all Server List. Hope you could get it. Please stay with us for future updates. Please share the post link to your friends, who also is free-fire players. I you have any queries about this article then please let us know in the below comments box.


Free Fire Redeem Code 2022

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