How to Open Sanchayapatra, New Rules and Interest Rate 2022

National Savings Certificate is called as Sanchayapatra (সঞ্চয়পত্র).  It is a risk-free investment under the Bangladesh Bank authority. Nowadays Sanchayapatra has become a part of the savings mobilization scheme of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. So in this today’s post, we wanna going to share how to apply online for Sanchaypatra, also you could know here about Sanchayapatra rules & Interest Rate 2022.

So if you want to buy Sanchayapatra from Bangladesh bank. Then this post could help you a lot. Please before applying online saving, please read the whole article carefully & know the Sanchaypatra policy. Here you could find all of the policies & new rules of the National Savings Certificat or Sanchaypatra.

How to Open Sanchaypatra

No people want to take risks on investment. So they want to buy Bangladesh bank Sanchaypatra. But some of the people don’t know about How to Open Sanchaypatra. So they search for the Sanchaypatra buying procedure. For your kind information that, now we could help you about your queries. Be Noted that You can buy Sanchayparta only all post office, national Saving bureaus, Bangladesh Bank & some the special bank. So if you want to bu a Sanchaypartra, then please visit your nearest bank & talk with the Bank manager. They will help you about How to you Open or buy a Sanchaypatra. You must fill up the application form with your proper documents.

Sanchayapatra Bank list

All of the banks don’t have permission for selling the national Saving Certificate or Sanchaypatra. If you want to Open or buy a Sanchaypatra, then you can buy it from some specific bank. Now we will provide to you the Sanchayapatra Bank list, where you could buy your Sanchaypartra. Please check the eligible list from below.

  • IFIC Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • AB Bank Limited
  • Mercantile Bank Limited
  • Bangladesh Bank
  • Agrani Bank
  • BRAC Bank (Don’t sell, but helps you on Sanchaypatra Encashment)
  • Sonali Bank

Sanchayapatra new rules 2022

Recently The Bangladesh bank has published the new rules for Sanchaypatra. So most of the Sanchapatra holders & new holders search for Sanchayapatra new rules 2022. If you are a Snachaypatra holder, then you must know the new rules. Here you also could know the new interest rate. Please visit the two links, which given below. Then here you could get all of the Infomation about Sanchayapatra new rules 2022

National Savings

Bangladesh Bank

Sanchayapatra Purchase from bank

All of the banks don’t have to sell Sanchapatra, at present only eight banks of Bangladesh can sell the National Saving Certificates or Sanchaypatra. Now we will share the all bank procedures about how to Sanchayapatra Purchase from the bank. Please check the below section, here we will describe step by step. We hope that you could collect all info from this.

Documents Require for Opening Sanchayapatra

If you want to Open a Sanchaypatra then you must have all documents, which the list will give below. Please visit your nearest bank with all these documents for open Sanchaypatra.

  • 2 copy passport size picture of investor
  • 2 copy passport size picture of the nominee
  • Photocopy of NID card of the investor
  • Photocopy of NID card of the nominee
  • If the investment is more than 1,00,000 Taka then a photocopy of the TIN certificate
  • Photocopy of Bank cheques of the investor

Schemes of Sanchayapatra in BD

There are few schemes of Sanchaypatra in Bangladesh. If you want to know the all schemes then please check the below list.

There are a few schemes under Sanchayapatra. They are:

  • Family Saving Certificates
  • Pensioner Saving Certificates
  • Quarterly Profit based Savings
  • Bangladesh Saving Certificates
  • Wage Earner’s Saving Certificates

How to Open Sanchayapatra Account from Bangladesh Bank

Most of the people want to buy Sanchaypatra, but they don’t know about How to peon Sacnchaypatra from Bangladesh bank. Here we will share the all of procedures for your kind I information. First of all Visit the Bangladesh bank to open the Sanchayapatra Account. Go to the help desk and ask the officer about account opening procedures. The officer will give you a form. Fill up the form with the necessary information. Make sure all the information you have given is accurate. Now submit the form with proper documents to the officer. Now the officer will fill the online database form with the information you have provided in the form. After that, the issuing officer will print a payment slip and send it to the bank officer. Now the bank will verify the information, payment slip and then complete other formalities to deposit the cash. The officer will give you a Bank slip as proof of your deposit amount. After the clearance of the cheque, the investor will receive a confirmation SMS on his mobile. After receiving the SMS, the investor can get a print copy of his Sanchayapatra from the Bangladesh Bank.


Thanks for reading this article. We hope that you could find all of the information about How to Open Sanchayapatra, Also we will provide Sanchaypatra New Rules and Interest Rate 2022. If you want to open a Sanchaypatra then please contact with your nearest bank, which allows the Sanchaypatra service. Please share the post everywhere, so that people can know about The National Savings Certificate or Sanchaypatra.


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