How to Write a Resignation Letter for Teachers

If you are a teacher & recently you want to leave from your teaching profession. Then this post is very very important for you. Because today in this article we wanna going to share with you about How to Write a Resignation Letter for Teachers. So understand that how the importance of this post for you.

If you want to leave from any school then you must inform to the school administration department. Also, you must send a resignation letter to the school authority. Otherwise, you can not leave your teaching profession. So this is the most valuable document for you. So if you looking for how do you write a resignation letter then this post could help you. Please read the full article carefully.

How to Write a Resignation Letter for Teachers

We notice that some of the people want to leave from the teaching profession. So they want to submit a Resignation letter to the school administration. But some of them don’t know about How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter. So they search on google for Resignation Letter format or writing tips. So if also looking for this info. Then you can get your answer here. Please follow the below instruction & write a professional CV for leaving your teaching profession.

The first thing is that you must express your tone with a positive attitude. Regardless of the reason for resigning, You must prove yourself as you are very satisfied about your school in the resignation letter. Please follow the below checkpoint & apply in your letter.

You need to precise your professionalism and respect
It is best to formalize your resignation
You want to point out your appreciation towards colleagues, the varsity and therefore the opportunity to reinforce your career at the institution.
What to incorporate within the teacher resignation letter:

Must Include your contact information
Formal Letterhead
An introduction/Salutation
Paragraphs Body

Resignation Letter format for Teacher

Many teacher searches for Resignation Letter format. so now we will provide to you the format. Also, we share some tips about how to look your letter good & a professional Resignation Letter. Please find the below format for your query.

“Date: DD/MM/YY

Principle Name:

School/College Name:

School or College Address:

Sub: Resignation from the post of  Ass.Teacher (Subject name)

Dear Sir,

Please be informed you that i want to leave my position form your school. So please accept my resignation letter from the post of (Subject Name) Teacher with the varsity (school name). My Judgment Day of the varsity would be (Date: DD/MM/YY). (Describe in your words).
Because of my family requirements, i need to resign from my post. Now i need to shift to my native town. So in this circumstance it is most important to take leave.

It was indeed a pleasure teaching in your school for the last couple of years. I highly appreciate the support and guidance I received from your good self and my colleagues and other school staff during my stay here. (Describe your appreciation and gratefulness).

I have developed very close bonding with my students and colleagues, which I will always keep in my memories. (Cordially describe your greetings and requirements). This is a very emotional decision at my end and I would miss working with such a wonderful team. I wish the school all the best for future endeavors.



Teacher Name…

Contact info. and Signature…”


Thanks for reading the post. We hope that you could find about How to Write a Resignation Letter for Teachers. We hope you will get many information from this article. so please share the link to your friend, who also resign for his profession. Please stay with us, so that we will write more valuable content for you. till then take care.


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