Vicky White Cause of Death Revealed – How did Die?

Vicki White Obituary – Former Alabama corrections officer Vicki White who escaped with inmate Casey White has died and friends and family of the victim have been on the lookout for Vicki White Obituary. If you are also looking for what was Vicki White cause of death and Vicki White Obituary you have arrived at the right place. Continue reading to find out more.

What Was Vicki White Cause Of Death?

Aside from wanting to know when Vicki White Obituary is people have also been looking for what was Vicki White cause of death as in such a case it would seem as if it was the police or such authorities are responsible for death but contrary to popular belief it was Vicki herself whoo ended being the cause of her death. Let us find out how by getting the answer to what was Vicki White cause of death. Vicki White and Casey White disappeared from prison in Lauderdale County on 29 April they were found in Indiana where following a chase they were arrested. US Marshal Matt Keely stated that before the chase happened, officers conducting surveillance spotted Vicky White exiting a hotel with a wig on. Vicky entered a Cadillac that had Casey and drove off. Vehicle pursuit began and ended when a US Marshals task force member drove a vehicle into the Cadillac the pair were in. The car wrecked and rolled over, he said.

Vicki White Death

But this was not what was Vicki White cause of death, Vicki had already shot herself to the head by the time officers went to save them from their rolled-over vehicle. US Marshal Keely who was there to help also stated that Casey shouted help “my wife” though they were not married. Thus the ultimate answer to what was Vicki White cause of death is herself as she shot herself in the head and her death resulted in people searching for Vicki White Obituary and what was Vicki White cause of death. Casey will be returned to Alabama prison with added charges and new charges will be placed on Vicki White.

Who are Casey and Vicky White?

Casey White was imprisoned in Alabama on an attempted murder charge and also allegedly confessed to killing 59-year-old Alabama mother Connie Ridgeway in 2015, CNN reported. Vicky White was a correctional officer who officials believe aided in his escape. The two are not related.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton disclosed that the inmate and corrections officer had a “special relationship” spanning two years. Vicky White provided Casey White with extra food and privileges, police said.

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